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ITS BIG stacks

ITS BIG stacks

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250 GSM polar fleece  

appliqué stitching embroidery 


Heavy 100% cotton


Length: 13.4" from top to bottom

Width: 13.4"

Depth: 2.4"

Care information

For best preservation of item, cleaners are recommended.

No hand-wash

Dry on low heat


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Brand Inspiration

This brand is an active extension of my mind. Once I hit a certain age, I realized the influence others' beliefs had on me & that I never took the time to experience life through my eyes. I had also never come across a brand that emphasized the importance of being yourself & the rewards that come from it. This brand is a starting point of a personal journey from desensitization to redefinition. Taking the time to act instead of reacting to the world allowed me to understand & appreciate the authenticity it breaks mentally, physically, & spiritually.